From the recording Drinkin' EP


I've got a six beer loneliness
It's creepin' on stronger this time
Well I don't know where my friends went
They all left me
Tired, drunk, and alone

And I don’t know if I can shake
These feelings so blue
So I put em' in a bottle
But I am consumed
By my fear and greed
My own inner enemies
They flow through my brain
And it drives me insane
But these thoughts I can't tame

I've got a six beer loneliness
It's pullin' me further on down
Well, I guess it's hard just to move on
When you're on my mind
All of the god damn time

And I don't know if I can take
These memories so true
Cause when I drink to forget
I only forget that we're through
So I'll call you up late one night
You'll feel better about yourself
While I'll keep hating my life
But my dear I'm not right

I've got a six beer loneliness
I wish I could share it with you