1. The Circus

From the recording Thinkin' EP


When I fell asleep the world was pretty much at peace and it was looking like a brighter day
Connections were created leavin’ the past outdated and nothing could get in the way
Information was spread that could enlighten the heads of the leaders of the new century
With them standing in line and the future on their minds they were just about set to lead
Then something broke the norm, I was awoke by a storm or was it just a bad dream
The screams and shouts they seemed to grow so loud that I had to finally had to believe

There's circus in the states that's got me fearing for the fates of the audience in the front row
Cause the elephant and ass have forgotten their class and now they're running out of control
The big tops coming down on the frenzied fleeing crowd as they search for an escape
But only two exits exist and you're gonna have to pick which one will seal your fate.
A failed businessman with a fatal racist plan and a lady lying with the rich people
With that massive population and such a vast nation choosing the lesser of two evils

The heat's on the rise and it's boiling the insides of the merchants of disbelief
Because they can't stand the truth even if it's been proved they're still here to cause major mischief
Facts and figures can't lie, can't be swayed to deny that takes a little bit of human touch
To mix beliefs with the truth to help further your view seems to me to be a little bit too much
You can't vote for gender or race, put a check next to hope and change and think that'll make a safe space
You gotta provoke the shift that's gonna help to lift this world into a better place